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Performing Arts
Auditoria and performing arts spaces are the epitome of high performance critical listening spaces and require careful attention to room shape and room finishes and a very high degree of noise isolation.
Teaching spaces demand low ambient background noise levels, adequate noise isolation from adjacent teaching spaces and public spaces, and superior but flexible room acoustics to maximize the learning environment.
Hospital and clinical facilities should maintain a standard of care that maximize privacy and isolation from noise and allow a comfortable and relaxing working and healing environment.
Commercial and industrial spaces can require large degrees of acoustical noise control depending upon the specific setting.
Worship spaces, depending upon the needs of the occupants, can vary greatly in their needs for acoustical control from a very reverberant natural music setting to a controlled voice communication setting to an over damped amplified music setting.
Both multi and single-family dwelling spaces benefit greatly from carefully considered noise isolation techniques to mitigate exterior noise and/or adjacent interior noise.